M274 360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module Brick Sensor


  • By rotating the rotary encoder can count forward and backward direction of rotation of the output pulse frequency during rotation count unlike potentiometers, this rotation count is not limited. With the button on the rotary encoder can be reset to the initial state, that is, from 0 to start counting.
  • Operating voltage : 5 Volt
  • Circle pulses : 2

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  • The incremental encoder is a rotational displacement signal is converted to a series of digital pulse rotary sensor. These pulses are used to control the angular displacement. In Eltra encoder angular displacement conversion using the photoelectric scanning principle. Reading system to rotate the radial indexing plate (code disk) consists of alternating opaque and translucent window windows constitute the basis, while the vertical irradiation is an infrared light source, an optical encoder of the image projected onto the surface of the receiver . The receiver is covered with a diffraction grating, which has the same width of the window the code wheel. The receiver’s job is to feel the changes produced by rotating the disc, and then convert the light into corresponding electrical changes vary. Then make a low level signal rises to a higher level, and produce without any interference of square pulses, which must be processed by the electronic circuit. Reading systems typically employ a differential mode, the same waveform is about two different signals out of phase by 180 ° compared in order to improve the quality and stability of the output signal. The difference between the two readings is then formed on the basis of the signal, thereby eliminating the interference.


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