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Category: Transistors


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  • 2N2222 is NPN BJT normally used in low power amplifiers and also for switching application.

    2n2222 is used as a small signal transistor and used as a general purpose transistor and is very popular.  This is in TO-92 package form.

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  • Specification- Transistor Polarity NPN Collector-Base Voltage (VCBO) 100V Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCEO) 60V Emitter-Base Voltage (VEBO) 7V Continuous Collector Current (IC) 15A Collector cut-off current (ICEO) 0.7mA Emitter cut-off current (IEBO) 5mA DC Current Gain (hFE) 20-70 Operating Temperature Range -65 – 200°C Power Dissipation (PD) 115W

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  • Features:-

    • Advanced process technology

    • Low error voltage

    • Fast switching speed

    • Full-voltage operation

    • High power and current handling capability


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  • 2N6517 Bipolar Transistor



    • Type: NPN
    • Collector-Emitter Voltage: 350 V
    • Collector-Base Voltage: 350 V
    • Emitter-Base Voltage: 6 V
    • Collector Current: 0.5 A
    • Collector Dissipation0.625W
    • DC Current Gain (hfe): 20 to 200
    • Transition Frequency: 40 MHz
    • Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range: 55 to +150 °C
    • Package: TO-92
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  • Features

    • Output current in excess of 100 mA.
    • Low noise.
    • High Ripple Rejection.
    • Internal output transistor safe area protection.
    • Internal thermal overload protection.
    • Internal short circuit current limiting.
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  • The UTC 7N65 is a high voltage power MOSFET and is designed to have better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low gate charge, low on-state resistance and have a high rugged avalanche characteristics. This power MOSFET is usually used at high speed switching applications in switching power supplies and adaptors

    Part #: 7N65L
    Part Category: Transistors


    Avalanche Energy Rating (Eas) 530.0 mJ
    Case Connection ISOLATED
    Drain Current-Max (Abs) (ID) 7.4 A
    Drain Current-Max (ID) 7.4 A
    Drain-source On Resistance-Max 1.2 ohm
    DS Breakdown Voltage-Min 650.0 V

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  • Application

    • General purpose switching and amplification applications
    • Driver stage amplifier action
    • AF amplifier
    • As a Darlington pair
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  • BC327 PNP General Purpose Amplifier Transistor


    BC327 is a general purpose PNP BJP transistor that can be used for switching and amplification purposes in electronic circuits. The transistor features 800mA collector current hence it can be used to drive variety of loads in an electronic application. The max collector-emitter voltage is -45V therefore it can easily handle load voltage under 45V. Apart from that transistor also features 625mW collector dissipation and DC current gain of maximum 630 therefore it can also be used as an audio amplifier or for any type of signal amplification.

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  • BC547 NPN General Purpose Transistor


    BC547 is a general purpose BJT NPN transistor mostly used in electronics hobbyists and educational electronics projects. Besides these uses it can also be used in commercial circuits. It comes in TO-92 packaging and the maximum output current this transistor can handle is 100mA. The transistor is having very good DC current gain and low noise capabilities due to which it is ideal to use in signal amplification stages. The typical saturation voltage is only 90 millivolts which is also a good sign to use it as a switch.

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  • BC548 NPN 30V 0. 1A Transistor High quality


    BC548 is another general purpose widely used transistor that can be easily get from reputable electronic components store, this transistor also have bunch of good features on the basis of which one can use it in their electronic circuit, it can handle maximum current of 500mA which is enough to drive many other components such as ICS, other transistors, portion of a circuits, relays, LEDs etc. The max collector dissipation of the device is 625 miliWatt which is another good feature to use it as a small amplifier.

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  • BC557 is a widely used PNP bipolar junction transistor manufactured in small TO-92 package. It is a general purpose PNP transistor that can be used as a switch or amplifier in electronic circuits. Its HFE ratings are 125 to 800 which makes it an ideal transistor to use as a small signal amplifier in electronic circuits for example for audio signal amplification or other, the HFE ratings of BC557 can be determined by the last letter after its number for example BC557A HFE ratings are 110-220, BC557B HFE ratings are 200-450 and BC557C HFE ratings are 420-800. The max collector dissipation is 500 milliwatt which is also an another good point to use it in amplification stages. Moreover it will also perform well when used it as a switch for load under 100mA. The transistor has also good collector to emitter (VCE) value that is -45V, therefore you can easily use it in circuits using 40 to 45 volts DC.

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  • BD135 NPN Transistor



    • VCBO  Collector-Base Voltage : BD135 45V
    • VCEO  Collector-Emitter Voltage : BD135 45V
    • VEBO  Emitter-Base Voltage 5 V
    • IC  Collector Current (DC) 1.5 A
    • ICP  Collector Current (Pulse) 3.0 A
    • IB  Base Current 0.5 A
    • PC  Collector Dissipation (TC=25°C) 12.5 W
    • PC  Collector Dissipation (Ta=25°C) 1.25 W
    • T Junction Temperature 150 °C
    • TSTG  Storage Temperature – 55 ~ 150 °C
    • VCE(sat) Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage IC = 500mA, IB = 50mA  0.5 V
    • VBE(on) Base-Emitter ON Voltage VCE = 2V, I= 0.5A  1 V
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  • Being a Medium Power NPN Transistor with a collector current of 1.5A this transistor can be used to control (On/Off) bigger loads that consume less than 1.5A. It also has a very less saturation voltage (Base Emitter Voltage VBE) of only 5V, this makes it easy to use this IC in digital electronics which has an operating voltage of 5V.

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  • BD140 NPN power Transistor voltage regulator


    BD140 is a three layer NPN or PNP device within the working range, the collector current IC is a function of the base current IB, a change in the base current giving a corresponding amplified change in the collector current for a given collector emitter voltage VCE.

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  • BDW94C is a three layer PNP device within the working range, the collector current IC is a function of the base current IB, a change in the base current giving a corresponding amplified change in the collector current for a given collector emitter voltage VCE.


    • Low saturation voltage

    • Simple drive requirements

    • High safe operating area

    • For low distortion complementary designs

    • Easy to carry and handle

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  • Specifications:-

    • Repetitive Peak off-State voltage : 600V
    • RMS on-state current : 4A
    • Non-Repetitive Peak on-State Current : 25A
    • Peak Gate Current : 2A
    • Peak Gate Voltage : 5A
    • Peak Gate Power : 5W
    • Storage Temperature :  -40 to 150 °C
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