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What Is 3D Printing? – Working, Types, Software, Process of Printing

3D printing technology is a widely used technique. It creates objects by printing layers in a predefined manner.

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Hello and welcome. As you are here, you may be interested in knowing how the 3D printing process works and how many types of 3D printing processes are available in the market. 

If this is your motto then you are at the right place. 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional solid object from digital data.  

Today 3D printing machines can be seen not only making small objects like toys but also designing things that can be used against the battle of Covid. 

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3D Printing

In 3D printing, the first step is to convert the real image into digital data and there are lots of 3D printing software available in the market to do so. Using that 3D printing software, we can create digital data of the real object.  

The Digital data which has been created by the 3D printing software is known as the 3D model. 

This 3D model is then given to a 3D printing machine. After getting the 3D model of the object, the 3D printer starts designing the object. 

3D Printing Technology  

Before we talk about 3D printing technology, there are a lot of manufacturing processes available in the market but here I am only sharing the main four manufacturing technologies that are most used to design products. 

Subtractive Manufacturing Process

The Subtractive manufacturing process is one of the oldest methods we have used for centuries. Ajanta caves are the best example of this process. Couldn’t understand what I said? Let me explain. 

pic 4

Subtractive Process

Ajanta caves are the oldest man-made architecture. According to Wikipedia, those caves are engraved on a wall. 

The engraving process is nothing but the removal of the unwanted part from the original part and is known as the subtractive object manufacturing process. 

2. Forming Manufacturing Process

It is the second most popular and oldest method of object designing. Have you seen the process of making clay pottery? Some of you may know how clay pottery is made. 

In the clay pottery designing process, the craftsman creates a mixture of sand and pressing the mixture gives the object the required shape, the image below will clarify your doubts. 

pic 5

Forming Process

Creating an object by creating pressure is known as the forming process. In this process, the material is pressed and given the required size


In this blog, we learned what is a 3D printing technology and what is the importance of 3D printing technology. In our next blog, we will understand the most commonly used types of 3D printing technology. If you have any doubt, please let us know in the comments section. 

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