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MUR1660 600V 16A Ultrafast Power Diode

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The MUR1660CT 16A, 600V Ultra fast Diodes have a low forward voltage drop and are of planar, silicon nitride passivated, ion-implanted, epitaxial construction. These devices are intended for use as energy steering/clamping diodes and rectifiers in a variety of switching power supplies and other power switching applications. Their low stored charge and ultra fast recovery with soft recovery characteristics minimizes ringing and electrical noise in many power switching circuits, thus reducing power loss in the switching transistor. These state-of-the-art devices are a series designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters and as free wheeling diodes. The MUR1660CT is designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters and as free wheeling diodes, these state?of?the?art devices have the following features:

? Ultra fast 35 and 60 Nanosecond Recovery Times

? 175?C Operating Junction Temperature

? Popular TO?220 Package

? Epoxy Meets UL94, VO @ 1/8?

? High Temperature Glass Passivated Junction

? High Voltage Capability to 600 Volts

? Low Leakage Specified @ 150?C Case Temperature

? Current Derating @ Both Case and Ambient Temperatures

??Low power loss

??High efficiency Low forward voltage

??Super fast recovery times

Mechanical Characteristics:-

? Case: Epoxy, Molded

? Weight: 1.9 grams (approximately)

? Finish: All External Surfaces Corrosion Resistant and Terminal Leads are Readily Solderable

? Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes: 260?C Max. for 10 Seconds

? Shipped 50 units per plastic tube

? Marking: U1610, U1615, U1620, U1640, U1660

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VRRMPeak Repetitive Reverse Voltage600V
VRWMWorking Peak Reverse Voltage600V
VRDC Blocking Voltage600V
IFSMNon-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current80A
TJOperating Junction Temperature Range? 55 to +175?C
?TstgStorage Temperature Range? 55 to +175?C
IF(AV)Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current8A
IFRMRepetitive Peak Surge Current20A


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