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Latest Simple LDR Projects for Engineering Students

The term LDR is known by many names such as a resoster, photoresistor, photoconductor, the photocell. The term photocell is most widely used in datasheets as well as instruction sheets for domestic gear. The light-dependent resistor is a low-cost photosensitive element and was used in photographic light meters as well as in various applications like flame detectors, card readers smoke detectors, burglar detectors, and lighting control in street lamps. This article discusses bout LDR projects for engineering students.

LDR Projects for Engineering Students

Project work for students helps to enhance technical skills in engineering. There are various branches in which students can develop the projects. In our daily life, we may observe various sensors based on projects such as LDR based automatic lighting system at outdoors, an Ultrasonic sensor-based automatic water tank system, PIR sensor-based automatic door system, a heat sensor-based automatic cooler or fan or air conditioning system, and so on. Here a few innovative LDR sensor-based projects for engineering students with a brief description are discussed below.

image 68

Security System Controlled by an Electronic Eye

The main aim of this project is to design a security system controlled by an electronic eye. This project uses a photo-sensing arrangement so, it uses a 14 stage ripple carry binary counter to detect the intensity of light using a light-dependent resistor. The o/p of the LDR makes a relay to give an alert for necessary action. This project mainly uses an LDR sensor.

When the light falls on the LDR, its resistance extremely falls which leads to activating an alarm to the user. This project is suitable for providing a friendly security system for lockers, cash boxes which can be found where security is required like banks, shopping malls, jeweler shops.

image 69

The circuit of this security system is placed in the locker or cash box in such a way that, when the burglar unlocks the locker and using a torch it finds the valuable things. When the light drops on the LDR then it gives an indication to the ripple counter.

The circuit is placed inside the cash box in such a way that, when the burglar opens the locker and uses a torchlight to find the valuables, the light falls on the circuit which contains an electronic eye (LDR) and gives a signal to the ripple counter. This activates the alarm and specifies a robbery attempt. Here, a lamp is used to specify the theft when the light drops on the light-dependent resistor.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting Switch

The dusk to dawn lighting switch project is used where the light will continue on only from sunrise to sunset (dusk to dawn).

Nowadays, the electricity cost is very high and it is advisable to use electricity carefully. The applications of this project mainly include where more electricity is required in the night time like highways, complexes, colleges, parks, and industries. The proposed system gives a solution for these applications and automatically the lights will be on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. So, conserving money, energy, human interference is also excluded.

image 70

Time Programmed Sun Tracking Solar Panel

This project uses a solar panel which is fixed to a stepper motor to track the sun so that full sunlight is made incident upon the solar panel at any time of the day. This is best compared to the light detecting method that may not always be correct.

The solar panel is used to convert solar energy to electrical energy is very famous, but due to the moving of the sun from east to west, the solar panel may not be able to produce ideal energy. To overcome this problem, this project is implemented to track the sun using a solar panel.

The list of LDR project ideas for engineering students is listed below.

  1. LDR based Light Detector
  2. Solar Tracker using LDR Automatically
  3. Op-amp & LDR based Light Detector
  4. Smart Bulb Holder using LDR
  5. LDR& Transistors based Light Detector
  6. LDR based Darkness Detecting
  7. LDR based Pocket Synth
  8. LDR based Lamp Circuit for Backyard
  9. IoT testing of Mbed using LDR
  10. LED Lighting in Aquarium using LDR
  11. LDR based pot
  12. Laser Piano using LDR
  13. Battery Protector of Emergency Lamp
  14. Light Switch Circuit for Automatic Parking using LDR
  15. Gate Lamp Circuit using LDR
  16. MicroSynth using LDR
  17. LDR based Garage Light
  18. LDR based Sensor Stick
  19. Appliance Switch Controlled by Hand Gesture using LDR
  20. LDR based Monitoring of Environment
  21. Alarm Circuit for Refrigerator using LDR
  22. Controlling of Street Light using LDR
  23. Emergency Mini LED Light Circuit
  24. Starburst using LDR
  25. Solar Lights Circuit in Outdoor Garden
  26. Flashing LED using LDR
  27. Switch Circuit of Pole Light using LDR
  28. Desk Lamp for PC using LDR
  29. LDR based Voltage Stabilizer
  30. Siren Circuit Activated by Light
  31. Relay Circuit Operated through Light
  32. Switch Activated through Light using LDR
  33. Charger circuit using LDR
  34. Automatic Street Light Circuit using LDR
  35. LDR based Automatic Lawn Light
  36. Alarm Circuit for Light using LDR
  37. LED Lights Circuit for Christmas using LDR
  38. Luxmeter Design using LDR
  39. Light Sensor Circuit using LDR & Arduino
  40. LED Fading with Arduino Uno & LDR
  41. LED Brightness Control Circuit with LDR & Passive Components
  42. LDR Sensor with Arduino Uno
  43. Visitor Counter using LDR
  44. LDR based Automatic Lamp in Night
  45. LDR & Transistor-based Light Sensor & Darkness Detector Circuit
  46. LDR based Current Variation
  47. LDR & Relays based Street Light Controlling
  48. CD4027 & LDR based Wireless Switch Circuit
  49. Security System Controlled by an Electronic Eye using LDR
  50. Digital Object Counter using LDR
  51. Fence Circuit for Light through Alarm
  52. LDR based Smart Electronic Candle
  53. Arduino Mood Light Controlled by Smart Phone through Alarm
  54. Real-Time Oscilloscope based on LDR & Arduino
  55. Power LED Auto Intensity Control with LDR & Arduino
  56. Lighting Device Circuit with Simple Keyhole
  57. Color Mixing Lamp with Arduino, LDR & RGB LED
  58. LDR based Arduino Light Sensor
  59. Emergency Light using Raspberry Pi with Darkness & Detecting of AC Power Line Off
  60. Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino
  61. Alarm Circuit for Laser Security using LDR
  62. LDR &AVR Microcontroller based Measurement of Light Intensity
  63. Indicator Circuit for Dark & Light using LDR
  64. 555 Timer & LDR based Detection of Dark
  65. Staircase Light using LDR Automatically
  66. Dark Detector using LDR and 555 Timer IC
  67. An Efficient & Intelligent Light Control System Design
  68. Power Failure & Fuse Indicator using LDR
  69. White LEDs & LDR based Twi-light
  70. Electronics Counter using LDR
  71. Door Guard using LDR
  72. LDR & Thermistor based Fire Alarm
  73. Twilight Switch based Flashing Light
  74. Interruption Counter using IR & LDR
  75. LDR based Controlling of Dual Motor in Robots
  76. LDR based Sunset Lamp


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