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ECE and EEE Mini Projects for Engineering Students

An Engineer must-have skills like developing, designing, testing, and maintaining the electrical and electronic equipment. In order to gain these skills students must equip themselves with sufficient knowledge of practical as well as theoretical topics. During the four academic years engineering students gain more theoretical knowledge and concepts, but very less practical knowledge in spite of actively participating in practical labs. Therefore an engineering student must acquire more practical knowledge and practice through a pragmatic learning approach by means of PROJECT WORKs such as MINI PROJECT and MAIN PROJECT. These are usually included as a part of their curriculum. Thus, this article discusses some new ECE and EEE mini projects for engineering students. This ECE and EEE mini projects are very helpful for diploma and final year engineering students.

ECE and EEE Mini Projects for Electronics and Electrical Students

The list of  ECE and EEE mini projects for engineering students is discussed below. The ECE Mini Projects for Engineering Students are discussed below.

The following list includes some ECE mini projects for engineering students that use different types of advanced technologies like Android, GSM, GPS, Touch Screen, and other technologies. This list will be useful for both the third and final year students to gain some academic credentials based on the major and minor projects. The list given below has some low- cost- mini projects for the ECE engineering students of all semesters.

A Digital Slate for the Next Generation Primary School Children that uses Touch Screen Technology

This project is used to implement an embedded system that is used as a slate for the upcoming generation of kids. This project can be designed with 8051 microcontrollers based on the At89s52 developed board. This board is interfaced through an LCD and touch screen panel for exhibiting the characters separately.

GSM Technology-based Industrial Monitoring and controlling system with Auto Fencing Alerts

At present, security is the main problem in everywhere. At present, home and industrial automation are approximately standardized. In this project, the standards can be increased by designing a security system for home as well as industrial automation. This project can be built with the simple hardware that allows each user to utilize this home security system using Gas, PIR, Smoke & failure detector of the main fuse at industries and home.

A Border Alert Method for Fisherman with a boat Speedometer that Uses GPS Technology

This project is used to implement a meter reading system automatically with GSM. The signals can be broadcasted by using GPS from satellite to provide longitude, latitude & altitude locations with an exact time. GPS receivers give navigation, timing & consistent position to the users anywhere and anytime.
This project is mainly used for providing the location of the fishermen while they are traveling on a boat for fishing. The proposed system uses a microcontroller & a GPS modem. The GPS data can be tracked continuously by interfacing with the microcontroller. After that, the controller transmits the data through an LCD.

A Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Based Boat Control for Ocean Research Applications

The main aim of this project is to control the boat using DTMF technology. DTMF is a wireless technology and it can be mobilized as well as controlled easily. This project uses a preprogrammed microcontroller which is used to control the module inputs & outputs which are connected to it.

This project works with two DC Motors where these motors will generate torque from DC power provided to the motor with the help of immobile permanent magnets, internal commutation & rotary electrical magnets. This microcontroller is interfaced through the DTMF decoder for controlling the boat direction. In this project, an LED indicator is used to indicate the motor status whether that is ON or OFF in case of directions. The mobile phone works like a remote control.

Implementation of SCADA System for Industrial Applications with Fence Security System Using GSM Technology

This proposed system is used to get the electrical parameters like current, frequency, and voltage. These parameters can be transmitted through the GSM network using temperature at the power station. IR sensor sends an alert to the concern person mobile once an unauthorized person crosses the limits. This project is also to protect the electrical circuitry using an Electromagnetic Relay. Once the parameters go beyond the fixed values then the relay will be turned ON

In this project, the main function of the relay is to activate a circuit breaker to deactivate the main supply. This project uses a pre-programmed microcontroller to communicate efficiently using different sensors. This controller includes an internal memory for holding the program. This internal memory is mainly used for dumping assembly instructions within the microcontroller. This microcontroller mainly works on these instructions because it is programmed in Embedded C language.

Smart Phone based Speed and Direction Controller of Electric DC Motor

At present, wireless communication plays a key role due to less cost and efficiency more as compared with wired ones. The data transmission can be done using electromagnetic waves because these waves are not influenced by weather conditions. We know that most of the motors in every industry play a key role whereas in-home, motors play a normal role.

By using this project, the motor can be operated wirelessly using Bluetooth like rotation and direction. An android based mobile phone is used to control the motor operations which includes a medium of Bluetooth connectivity.

Implementation of Automatic Gate Controller and Vehicles Counter in Corporate Companies

The main intention of this project is to calculate the vehicles which are allowing into the Industry. Once the vehicle enters the building then the gate will automatically be closed. In this project, IR sensors are used to count the vehicles. Once the vehicle enters the gate, infrared rays will be transmitted to the receiver pin of the microcontroller to count the vehicles continuously based on the signals of the sensor. The stepper motor is used for the opening and closing of the gate based on the sensor signals.

Some more ECE Mini Project Ideas are listed below.

Touch Screen Based Electrical Devices Control System

The proposed system is developed based on the touch screen to control the home appliances. This project is used in colleges and industries. In this project, five relays and a single buzzer is used. This project is used to control the AC and DC devices. Touch screen technology is used that acts like a control panel for transmitting commands. These signals are transmitted through an RF wireless communication module.

Static Synchronous Series Comparator based Power System Stability Enhancement

This project is used to control and modulate the flow of power within a transmission line through an SSSC (Synchronous Static Series Compensator). In this project, SSSC is used to examine the device effect while controlling active powers, reactive powers & oscillations of damping power system within the transient mode.

In the DC link, SSSC and an energy source can be applied to supply otherwise absorb the active and reactive power from the line. The simulation of this project can be done using MATLAB or SIMULINK. The final results can be attained for preferred bus-2 within two engine power system that shows the compensator efficiency like one of the FACTS devices in controlling power flows, attaining the preferred value for the powers like active & reactive appropriately.

Automatic Power Factor Controller

This project is used to improve the PF (power factor) automatically once it falls down a fixed level. At present, electricity demand is increased and inductive loads are used in domestic and industrial applications. So low power factor mainly occurs because of these inductive loads within the power system.

Therefore, a method is implemented to improve the PF automatically namely automatic PF controller. This project gives the best solution for improving the power factor because less power factor can cause redundant load on transmission lines and power system. Once the PF is improved then the efficiency of the power system can be improved. So, the prototype of PF correction is designed using relays, PIC microcontroller, zero-crossing circuit, current and potential transformer.

Controlling & Monitoring of Power Stealing Detection using GSM

Power theft is a common issue especially in a country like India. Pollution is high and electricity users are very high. So every year, power theft is increasing across the connections of domestic electricity & industrial power supply. This can cause a very loss in different companies and load shedding problems can occur in rural areas. So to overcome this problem, detection of power stealing and its monitoring system is developed using GSM.

Automatic Power Factor for Harmonic Voltage Resonance Suppression in Distributed Systems

This project is used to implement a linearly and continuously controlled capacitive static VAR compensator for the correction of automatic PF for inductive single-phase loads in power system networks. The construction of a compensator can be done with a new adaptive current controller including TCR equipped and harmonic-suppressed.

The TCR with harmonic-suppressed is a new design that can be built with a TCR (thyristor controlled reactor) that is moved through a passive 3rd harmonic filter. Additionally, the parallel design is interfaced to an AC source through a series 1st harmonic filter.


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