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Drone Laws in India – How to Get Drone License in India – 2021

The Indian government released some laws for the increasing drone technology to enhance the safety of the nation. To know more about the legality of drone flying, read this article.

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All DIY hobbyist people are more curious about making drone and flying them. But do you know, you need to register your drone to make it fly.  According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, a flying drone is legal in India.

The DGCA (Director-General of Civil Aviation) declared the country’s first Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) for drones or RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) in India on August 27-2018 and to go into effect on December 1, 2018. Most of the people are unaware of the rules and regulations framed by the DGCA.

The intention behind this blog is to understand the legality of the drone operation and how to get a Drone License in India.

Let’s see all these in details,

# 1- Categories of Drone/RPA

DGCA has divided these RPAs into 5 different categories. All these aircraft are allowed with their different set of rules. These categories define the payload capacity of the drone.

  • Nano – Less than or equal to 250 grams.
  • Micro – Greater than 250 grams and less than or equal to 2 kg.
  • Small – Greater than 2 kg and less than or equal to 25 kg.
  • Medium – Greater than 25 kg and less than or equal to 150 kg.
  • Large – Greater than 150 kg.

# 2 – Registration of the Drone/RPA

Digisky for uin

Step 2 – If the user’s drone is over 250 grams, click the link > select over > select the category > select the appropriate sub-category and click on Register

choose the drone category

Step 3 – Selecting the Category of the Pilot, Operator or ManufacturerAfter clicking Register, fill the form with valid credentials and click Sign Up

Registration Login

Step 4 – After registering, the user will receive a notification on registered mail. Click on the link given in the mail, the user will get the profile of the type of drone.

select drone profile

Step 5 – After selecting the profile, fill in the required credentials > upload the training certificate (if necessary) > select drone type and submit it.

drone user information

Step 6 – After proper registration with Digital Sky, the user need to select any of the following options to register the drone:

Registered successfully
Registered successfully
  • Step 7 – After that, the system will ask for the below information,
  1. Name, address and PAN card details
  2. Drone Type
  3. Serial number and Model Number
  4. OEM Certificate (certificate received from manufacturer)
  5. NPL Letter
  6. Name, address and nationality of the Manufacturer
  7. Maximum take-off weight and height
  8. Details of compatible payload

Final Words

Hope this blog helps you to understand the importance of the rules and regulations of drone flying and how to get a Drone License in India. The use of drones in a legal way is a step in the right direction. I hope, everyone will follow this promptly.

The information provided in this blog is correct, however,  you can refer to these issued by the DGCA.


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