FR106 Rectifier Diode


FR106 is a fast recovery rectifier diode with a 1A output current. The cathode terminal of this diode can be identified by the color band on the cathode side. FR106 diode has a fast reverse recovery time of 500 ns. Reverse recovery time is the time taken by a diode to discharge when it switches from the conducting to the blocking state. Due to low recovery time, FR106 is used in ultrahigh-speed switching applications.

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  • Forward Current (IF): 1A
  • Maximum Forward Voltage (VF): 1.3V (@1A)
  • Reverse Current (IR): 5 µA
  • Recovery Time: 500 ns
  • Max Surge Current: 30 A
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55 °C to + 150 °C
  • Available in DO-41 Package


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