5mm IR LED (Infrared LED)


IR LED is used in various daily used electronic appliances. As in the remote of the television, infrared cameras, transmission systems. We can make various projects, sensor using the IR LED like obstacle detector, visitor-counter and line-followers. An Infrared LED looks same as normal LED, but human eye is not capable of seeing the IR light as it’s beyond our visible electromagnetic spectrum. We are only able to see a light having a wavelength ranges 380 to 750nm. You can see an IR light through your phone camera, night-vision and etc.

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  • Forward current (IF) is 100mA (normal condition) and 300mA (max.)
  • 1.5A of surge forward current
  • 1.24v to 1.4v of forward voltage
  • Temperature for storage and operation varies from -40 to 100 ℃
  • Soldering Temperature should not exceed 260 ℃
  • Power Dissipation of 150mW at 25℃ (free air temperature) or below
  • Spectral bandwidth of 45nm
  • Viewing angle is 30 to 40 degree


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