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Category: Hardware Accessories

Hardware Accessories

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    • Liquid flux removers for your soldering projects. Our no-clean liquid flux has superior fluxing ability ? after soldering the residue is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and moisture- and fungus-resistant. Circuit Specialists carry the liquid flux removers with variable valves that enable you to control the rate of flow for cleaning all types of ionic soils left over after you solder.
    • Very high quality professional, non-corrosive and non-conductive flux. Ideal for all soldering applications. It causes no damage to PCB?s even if a residue is left on after soldering. Soldron flux cleaning liquid is ideal to clean residual flux from the PCB.
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  • 25 Watt Soldering Iron


    This is 25 Watt Soldering Iron with LED Power Indicator. This Soldering Iron also called as Soldering Gun is rated for 25 watts.?If you are a student or hobbyist and you are looking for a good general purpose Soldering Iron then this 25-watt?Noel Soldering Iron is perfect for you.

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  • 2×3 Inch Zero PCB Board

    15.34 + GST

    PCB Board Universal – Perforated 2×3 (cm) General purpose board primarily used for components & IC for quick testing, sample circuite, experiments, learning etc.

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  • 31 in 1 Universal Multifunction Portable Screwdriver Set



      • Connector : XY128 PCB Terminal Block
      • Termination : Screw
      • No. of Contacts : 3
      • Voltage(V) : 300
      • Allowed Wire Size (AWG) : 24 ~ 12
      • Operating Current (A) : 15 Ampere
      • Mounting Type : Through Hole
      • Pin Spacing (mm) : 5.08
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  • Big Size compactable Hot Melt Glue Gun Sticks

    9.02 + GST

    This is a?Hot Melt Glue Stick?also called as Glue Stick pr Hot Melt Adhesive it is used with Glue Guns.?The glue is tacky when hot, and solidifies in a few seconds to one minute.

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  • DC 12V KK-P40/25 30KG Lifting Solenoid Electromagnet

    483.80 + GST


    Model12V KK-P40/25
    Holding/ Suction Force (KG)35
    Operating Voltage (VDC)12
    Max. Operating Current (mA)0.34
    Power Consumption (Watt)4
    Operating Temperature Range (C)-20 to 120
    Cable Length (cm)28
    Bolt SizeM5
    Body MaterialMild Steel
    Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)40 x 25 (Dia x Length)
    Weight (gm)193
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  • Specification

    • Body Material : Iron
    • Item color : Golden tone
    • Rated voltage : DC 12V.
    • Rated current : 0.80A.
    • Power : 9.6 Watt
    • Holding force : 0.25kg
    • Energized forms : intermittent
    • Unlocking time : 1S
    • Weight : 150 gm
    • Dimensions : 54 x 42 x 28 mm (LxWxH)
    • Cable length : 20 cm
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  • Fuse Holder -30mm

    24.60 + GST

    Fuses in Fuse Holders are ease to change quickly. It is used to mount and protect fuses. Fuse holders are used in various application like in consumer electronics, industrial, telecom, automotive etc. These are generally panel mountable fuse holders. Features and Specifications:-   Panel mounting etc. Fuse retaining insulation cover Enclosed contacts Permissible Temp. With …

    Fuse Holder -30mmRead More

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  • Heat Sink PI49 TO-220

    10.06 + GST

    Black Anodized?Heatsink?to dissipate heat from any?TO-220 package?like 7805 voltage Regulators, Mosfets, transistors, etc. Generally used to keep voltage regulators and motor drivers cool, efficient and increases reliability of the components.

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  • Rack & Pinion Mechanism for Robotic

    136.50 + GST

    Rack and Pinion Mechanism to design all kind of motion conversion from rotary to linear motion. Made up of ABS plastic, yellow color.

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  • Solder And Desolder Flux 10gm

    15.60 + GST


    • Mr.Solder Soldering Desoldering Flux
    • Packaging Size: Box
    • Usage/Application: Soldering
    • Weight: 10 gm
    • Manufacturer: Mr.Solder
    • Lead-free and halogen-free
    • Highly active viscous soldering paste
    • Provides quick and high-quality tinning
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  • Soldering Iron Stand Nickel Plated Spring Holder

    56.60 + GST

    This soldering gun stand will hold most of your solder irons and is portable as the base and the holder is detachable. A small cleaning sponge is provided at the base of the solder Iron stand.

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  • Soldron Soldering 25W Nickel Plated Spade 3mm Bit

    33.05 + GST


      • Manufacture : Soldron
      • Wattage : 25 Watts
      • Palted : Nickel


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  • Valve for All Water / air (Copper 12V/24V DC,HR2 SV, Blue)

    121.16 + GST

    24V DC Solenoid Water Air Valve Switch (Normally Closed) ? 1/2? controls the flow of fluid (liquid or air) and acts as a valve between high-pressure fluid! This liquid valve would make a great addition to your robotic gardening project. There are two ?? (Nominal NPT) outlets. Normally, the valve is closed. When a 24V DC supply is applied to the two terminals, the valve opens and water can push through.

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