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Electronics For You Mini Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

Electronics for you mini projects are playing a vital role in obtaining good practical knowledge of the studied ideas in engineering. These projects don’t just emphasize engineering theories, however aid to solve career prospects. There are several wonderful electrical and mini projects for career development, strengthen and challenge your awareness. These mini projects require you to concentrate on all aspects of electrical and electronics engineering.

So, we are interested in listing some of the mini EFY projects below for engineering students, which a student can select and design for the student hobbyist needs. These projects are basically for electrical and electronics engineering students from different branches like Electronics and Instrumentation), Electronics and Communication and Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electronics For You Mini Projects for Engineering Students

To get a better idea over the simple EFY projects, kindly look into the following projects with explanation

Dual-Mode Robot using RF Remote (RF-based Dual-mode Robot)

This project mainly operates with RF-based remote control and automatically moves by avoiding all the obstacles. This robot consists of some inbuilt intelligence to avoid the obstacles by changing its route. In the future, this project can be developed for many applications like an automatic vacuum cleaner. Because automatic vacuum cleaner automatically cleans the floor or you can direct it using the RF remote while relaxing on the sofa.

image 6
Electronics For You Mini Projects for Final Year Engineering Students 5

This project uses a PIC microcontroller when a button is pressed on the RF remote, the corresponding code is transmitted through an RF transmitter. At the receiver end, this transmitted signal is decoded. The microcontroller unit compares the received code and drives the motor according to the code. This robot can detect any object in the path and intimate the microcontroller.

Arduino based Shadow Alarm

Arduino based shadow alarms are used for protection from the thefts.A shadow alarm is a device that is used to generate an alarm when a shadow falls on it. This project uses an Arduino board which is the heart of the entire project and also uses an LDR sensor, power supply, relay driver, buzzer. In this project, the shadow alarm unit senses the moving shadow in a restricted area and can be simply installed on a door, window or wall to protect your valuables from theft. Constant lighting is essential in the restricted area to detect the moving shadow.

image 7
Electronics For You Mini Projects for Final Year Engineering Students 6

Door Bell System with Security Features

This doorbell project works in such a way that when somebody presses your calling bell throughout the night, not only the bell rings, however, the bulb connected to it additionally also glows. To show the bulb off, simply press the reset push button switch provided within the circuit. Place the bulb closer to the calling bell switch so that you will be able to see the person pressing the vocation bell before gap the door.So you can able to select not to open the door for unauthorized persons.Throughout day time, the bulb doesn’t glow and only the bell sounds.

image 8
Electronics For You Mini Projects for Final Year Engineering Students 7

Auto Snooze for Digital Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks are mainly designed to wake you up. However, it’s quite pestiferous to hear the alarm continuously till you stand and place it off. Also, you would possibly go to sleep once more. The facility of snooze solves this drawback to some extent by permitting you to show the alarm off for a particular amount of your time by pressing a switch. However, once more you need to observe for the snooze switch.

Noise-Level Alarm

In our daily life, noise is a major environmental issue that affects us in our daily life. There’s scientific proof supporting that noise exposure will cause hearing impairment, annoyance, hypertension, sleep disturbance and weekend performance in schools.Sound level indicators just like one conferred here will facilitate address this drawback. This indicator monitors the sound level and specifies through an LED once the level is higher than the preset value.

image 9
Electronics For You Mini Projects for Final Year Engineering Students 8


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