P55NF06 Power Mosfet


P55NF06 power MOSFETs have been developed using STMicroelectronics’ unique STripFET process, which is specifically designed to minimize input capacitance and gate charge. This renders the devices suitable for use as primary switch in advanced high-efficiency isolated DCDC converters for telecom and computer applications, and applications with low gate charge driving requirements.

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Number of Channels 1 Channel
Transistor Polarity N-Channel
Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage (Vds) 60V
Continuous Drain Current (Id) 50A
Drain-Source Resistance (Rds On) 0.018Ohms
Gate-Source Voltage (Vgs) 20V
Gate Charge (Qg) 60 nC
Operating Temperature Range -55 – 175°C
Power Dissipation (Pd) 110W


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