MOV 14D821 Metal Oxide Varistor


Specifications of MOV 14D471

  • Maximum Allowable Voltage (ACrms): 510 Volts
  • Maximum Allowable Voltage (DC): 670 Volts
  • Varistor Voltage : 820 Vdc
  • Maximum Energy (J): 157
  • Maximum Peak Current (8/20us): 4500A
  • Rated Power: 0.6 watt

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  • MOV 14D821 is a 6.9 mm radial leaded varistor devices protects against over voltage transients such as lightning, power contact and power induction.
  • Metal oxide varistors, also known as MOVs are one of the most common types of varistors. They are voltage dependent, nonlinear devices that provide transient suppression.
  • A Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) is used in power supply circuits as a protection component. MOV are similar to resistors and has only two leads, there is no polarity and can be connected in both directions. MOV is basically used to protect the circuit from high voltage spikes.
  • MOV have a high current handling, high energy absorption capability and fast response times to protect against transient faults up to rated limits.


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