KY-038 Sound Sensor Module


  • KY038 is a highly sensitive sound detection module with Analog as well as digital output. This is an arduino compatible module. Using this module you can even measure the intensity of ambient sound. Most of the digital sound sensor module just provides digital output i.e. if sound is present or not. But this Sound sensor module also provides and analog output voltage which is directly proportional to the intensity of the ambient sound.
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  • Features of KY038 Sound Sensor Module

Working voltage : DC 4 – 5 Volts

Signal output indication.

Single channel signal output.

The output effective signal is low level.

When there is sound, outputs low level and the signal light.

Can be used for Acoustic control light , give sound and light alarm working with Photosensitive sensor, and sound control, sound detect.

Circuit board output switch quantity.


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