A2212 BLDC Motor-1000kv


  • Operating voltage: 7.2V to 12V (2 to 3Li-poly  or  6to10 NiCad)
  • No load current:0.5Amp
  • Maximum current:13Amp for 60Sec
  • Maximum Watts:150 Watt
  • Weight of motor:50-60 grams
  • Maximum operating temperature: + 80°C
  • Complete speed control because of three phase connection.
  • Long life as there are no moving contacts.

*There are no industrial standard for these brushless motors. Different company devices have slightly different ratings. One should check BLDC motor datasheet for more info on particular model.

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Here are few reasons why 2212 BLDC motor is chosen over other motors

  • 2212 is used when the project cost is low. 2212 is one of cheapest and robust motor on the market. It is available in any electronic market.
  • 2212 is easy to work with considering many driver modules out there for the motor. With these modules we can easily control the speed of the brushless motor.
  • Because of three phase connections we can control the speed of motor more accurately and also more smoothly.
  • Efficiency is also one of reasons for choosing this motor. This motor efficiency is good considering its purchase cost.


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