1-Channel Solid-State Relay


1-Channel Solid-State Relay is some what similar to that of a mechanical relay & the difference is that, there is no moving contact in a Solid-State Relay. Here we make use of Phototropic coupler to turn it ON and OFF.

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  • Rated output load : 100V ~ 240V AC (50Hz/ 60Hz) 2 Ampere
  • Rated input voltage : 5 Volts
  • Triggered at Low level
  • LED showing Solid-State Relay status
  • Input control signal :
  • Low Signal (Solid-State Relay ON / CLOSED)
  • High Signal (Solid-State Relay OFF / OPEN)
  • Screw terminals for better & secure connection

Input part:

  • DC + : connected to positive power source (supply power according to the relay voltage)
  • DC – : connected to negative power source
  • CH1: 1- channel relay module signal triggering end (effective at high level)


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